Edtric | Expertise
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We have a myriad of expertise. Are you in need of a new circuit board design? How about firmware upgrades on a legacy system? We can even take you from a nugget of an idea to a fully functioning prototype. Hardware takes a team of many talents so tell us about your needs and see how we can best serve your interests.

Rapid Prototyping

From conceptual designs, simulations, and analysis results we can deliver first engineering articles or follow through with Design For Manufacturing results.


Embedded control systems ranging from consumer products and aerospace systems to industrial applications. Made For iPhone (MFi) and Apple hardware and firmware specifications.

Circuit Board Design

Design and development of analog, digital, RF, and mixed signal circuits. Schematic capture and design using various EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools.

Mechanical Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Analysis (CAA), Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), and Subtractive Manufacturing (CNC Milling). Some in-house CNC milling with plenty of relationships with dependable CNC and 3D printing contract manufacturers with full or partial turnkey available as required.

Aerospace systems

Our own internal Research and Development (R&D) has focused on the design and development of a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) targeted for commercial applications. Aerospace design and development exposes us to all aspects of engineering from structural design, material selection, connectors, mixed signal electronics, and very strict regulations. We understand that the success of a regulated product depends on successful compliance with regulatory agency requirements.

Embedded Systems

Micro-controllers, System On a Chip,  and even FPGA  design and development. Delivering the best embedded system that meets design and cost requirements with the right hardware and the right peripherals for the job. Printed Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB + PCBA) with a network of reliable vendors for contract manufacturing. Full or partial turnkey available as required.